Hi, I'm Dr. Gerbi.

It is my calling to help women in the first weeks and months of motherhood. In my in-person chiropractic practice I've seen hundreds of mothers and babies and have taken all my best tools and knowledge and packed them into these online courses so that women anytime, anywhere can benefit and thrive during these tricky, ever-changing times. 

The transformation I am promising you is Mastering Motherhood.

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Courses Coming Soon:

Breastfeeding 911

In this course you will learn all about positioning, latch, let down, tongue and lip tie and how to optimize all of these factors for you and your baby.

Surviving the First Sixteen Weeks

This course encompasses all the changes you and your baby will go through together in the first 16 weeks postpartum. Hormones, body changes, milestones, we will get to the heart of it so that you can thrive.

End the Overwhelm of Motherhood

Connect, sink in and feel trust in yourself, your body and your baby by learning the key things you can do to start your motherhood journey off in a harmonious way.

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